Skin Tag Removal in Sydney: What to Expect

Skin tags are benign growth of excess skin. They are usually located in the neck, groin, and even the face. Although they are painless and harmless, they can be annoying when you’re wearing your favourite necklace.  Both men and women are prone to skin tags. However, evidence suggests that they are more common to obese, […]

The Uses of Phototherapy (Narrowband UVB) in Sydney

Skin diseases are common in Australia, with 16% of Australians going to doctors and hospital consulting for their dermatological concerns and needs. Since this number is not small, it has been a practice to seek out measures to prevent skin diseases from recurring. One common treatment is phototherapy. Phototherapy, also known as a light treatment, […]

How Dermatologists Correct Spots on Your Skin

The skin is one thing many people obsess about. Some even took a whole lot of time to do their 10-step skincare routine to make their skin look flawless. Even with this incredible kind of caution, blemishes and spots on the skin are unavoidable to Aussies, especially with the erratic weather.  If you have either […]