Pymble Dermatology

Professional Fees

Pymble Dermatology is a private billing practice with standardised fees across the majority of our Dermatologists. Patients will incur an out of pocket gap over and above the Medicare rebate.

Your initial consultation fee quoted at the time of booking is subject to change at anytime at the discretion of our attending dermatologist and does not include the costs for any procedures that may be performed during consultation such as biopsies, excisions, freezing treatment, etc. Where a biopsy or surgical excision is performed, the tissue specimen will be sent to a specialist pathologist for further testing and you will receive a separate account from the pathology company for which a Medicare rebate may be applicable.

Our fees are in line with the recommendations of the Australian Medical Association for a private specialist clinic. For your information, specialist dermatology consultations and treatments on a bulk bill basis ie. without an “out of pocket” cost, is also available at major public hospital outpatient clinics but with a longer waiting list.

Please enquire at our reception for further information regarding our consultation fees.