Surgical Dermatology

Dermatology services include incredibly varied techniques that repair, restore and improve all problematic skin conditions. Surgical dermatology is performed by practitioners with years of training and practice, and is a vital component of medical science that is particularly useful in treating a variety of skin cancers. Advanced surgical techniques are employed to achieve successful medical and cosmetic results along with a fast recovery and return to regular activities.

Form and function are two distinct characteristics of the human body and dermatology expertise aims to repair damaged skin with the least possible amount of visible scarring. Many dermatological approaches are solely designed to improve skin quality, while other procedures are more invasive, including surgical dermatology. It’s good to know that your dermatologist has specialist training for treating even the most stubborn skin problems.

Surgical dermatology treatments

There are lots of skin treatments a dermatologist can use in the fight against disease. Surgery is only used when it becomes essential to remove potentially harmful growths before they do any permanent damage. In fact, in consultation with a qualified dermatologist, patients have access to tools for monitoring their own skin condition and nipping any problems in the bud before they escalate.

Surgical procedures performed at Pymble Dermatology are as below: