Pymble Dermatology

Medicare Rebate and Referral

Medicare Rebate

You will need to produce your referral letter for your appointment, to be eligible for a Medicare rebate. Without the referral letter, you may still consult our dermatologists, however, you will be fully out of pocket for the consultation and treatment charges. If you are an overseas visitor or student who is not registered with the Australian Medicare system, you will not be entitled to receive any Medicare rebate.

Referrals (If you intend to claim a rebate from Medicare)

A referral from your GP is generally valid for a period of 12 months, however a specialist’s referral is valid for only 3 months.

A new referral is required before your next appointment if:
1. you intend to seek advice and treatment for a different condition; or
2. your referral expires between appointments.

Please ask your GP for a new referral as our staff cannot obtain one on your behalf.

An indefinite referral is acceptable only when a specific condition requires ongoing long-term follow-up care, for example, where a review of the condition is required every 3-4 months on a long-term basis.