Skin Tag Removal in Sydney: What to Expect

Pymble Dermatology

Skin tags are benign growth of excess skin. They are usually located in the neck, groin, and even the face. Although they are painless and harmless, they can be annoying when you’re wearing your favourite necklace. 

Both men and women are prone to skin tags. However, evidence suggests that they are more common to obese, pregnant women and pre-diabetic individuals.

The tags cause no medical complications, but they are cosmetically displeasing. If you have skin tags, always seek medical advice as there are risks associated with self removal of skin tags ie.  bleeding, infection, pain and incomplete removal of skin tag..


The following procedures are available at Pymble Dermatology and our dermatologists will assess you and discuss with you the options:


  • Cauterization: A skin tag can be eliminated using electrolysis. In this procedure, an electrode sends a regulated amount of electric current in the tag. This dries out the tissue for the tag falls off.
  • Cryosurgery: A skin tag can be removed using a probe containing liquid nitrogen. This is one of the most effective procedures. The doctor uses low temperatures to freeze the tag. Though effective, this process can irritate the surrounding skin when not done correctly. In this procedure, the skin tags fall off about 10-14 days after the treatment.
  • Excision: The tag is cut out with a scalpel or a special scissors, getting rid of the skin tag immediately. To do this procedure, your doctor will numb the area. 


After the removal, skin tags usually won’t return. But another can appear somewhere else on your body.

Bothered About Your Skin Tag 

If your skin tag is bothering you, the first thing to do is to consult a dermatologist. They can check over your skin and give you great advice.  

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